Since 2020 I've been pouring 100% soy wax candles by hand in my home. Each one is a custom blended fragrance I made to remind me of some of my favorite memories - from rope swings to firework stands. These candles will bring a little bit of flyover country into your home.

Our Promise to You

  • 100% American Soy Wax

    Because we give a damn where we source our goods and think you should too.

  • Orders Over $50.00 Ship Free

    We can't fully compete with big box retailers like Amazon, but we give it our best.

  • Tallgrass Guarantee

    If you don't love it we'll take it back or swap it out - no problem at all!

  • Hand-Poured in Oklahoma City

    Every candle that ships out is still being poured by hand in our space.

Cool off with this fragrance

Arbuckles: Oakmoss & Rain

Inspired by the summer afternoons splashing in the spring fed creeks and pools that dot the one of America's oldest mountain ranges. With cottonwoods offering shade and moss growing along the banks, there's nothing like beating the heat in some of the clearest water this side of the Rockies.

Fill your space with the cool, refreshing notes of Oakmoss, Rain, and a mixture of our other notes in this house blend.



Drover: Leather & Bergamot

Inspired by weekends spent learning the meaning of "elbow grease" from some of the best men I know - the Drover is a nod to the legacy that spans back as far, and even further, than the cowboys who moved across this land.

Leather and Bergamot blend to create a one of a kind mixture of masculine and sweet. The Drover has been one of our long standing best sellers.


Oklahoma State Parks X Tallgrass Supply Co

  • Beavers Bend: Peppercorn + Pine

    Pairs perfectly with a glass of bourbon to take you back to fireside chats around the campfire in Oklahoma's cabin country.

  • Quartz Mountain: Smoked Cedar + Sage

    A mystical escape amongst the rocky hills where wildfires purged trees and cedars in decades past. A smoky, rich fragrance that is one of our top sellers.

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  • Lake Murray: Tobacco + Rain

    Summer revelry in a tin - the Lake Murray is a tribute to weekends spent in the cold water to escape the heat, surrounded by good friends making good memories and a few vices.

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  • Boiling Springs: Scrub Oak & Bergamot

    Inspired by family getaways under the oak canopies, exploring Oklahoma's natural springs that were legendary for its continuous boiling appearance for centuries before Statehood.

  • Robbers Cave: Pine Needles & Oakmoss

    Home to legendary bandits escaping federal agents, this fragrance will take you to the rocky foothills of the Ouchita Mountain Range where outlaws hid out in the caves among the pines.

  • Roman Nose: Oakmoss & Honeysuckles

    Almost as refreshing as the spring fed waters, this fragrance will deliver fresh cool feel to your space. You can almost feel the cold water when you walk past one of these burning candles.

Tallgrass Supply_ 8 oz Soy Candle - Beavers Bend: Peppercorn + Pine.
Tallgrass Supply_ 8 oz Soy Candle - Quartz Mountain: Smoked Cedar + Sage.
Tallgrass Supply_ 8 oz Soy Candle - Lake Murray: Tobacco + Rain.
Tallgrass Supply_ 8 oz Soy Candle - Boiling Springs: Scrub Oak + Bergamot.
Tallgrass Supply_ 8 oz Soy Candle - Robbers Cave: Pine Needles + Oakmoss.
Tallgrass Supply_ 8 oz Soy Candle - Roman Nose: Oakmoss + Honeysuckle.

For the Prairies

Every quarter, we take 10% of our profits and donate them to various Prairie Conservation & Research organizations. Not only a staple to the land we call home - prairies offer many of the environmental solutions we are searching for from our water to our air.


"Great candle! It burns evenly & smells like a mix of rain & spring freshness."

Nick, Arbuckles Candle

"Smells just like the soap, no harsh smoke smell either. Well made and high quality. Love the little cans it comes in."

Jimena, Rodeo Queen

"I recently purchased the Robbers Cave Pine Needles + Oak Moss Candle and I could not be happier with the quality and scent of this product. The candle was well packaged, ensuring it was not damaged during transit. The scent is a unique blend of pine needles and oak moss that is fresh and invigorating. The scent lingers in the air, and its aroma is quite soothing. The candle burns evenly and slowly, providing a wonderful atmosphere that lasts for hours. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a unique and high-quality candle."

Eric, Robber's Cave

"Excellent coffee. The blend was smooth and flavorful. No bitterness (which I cannot stand). I loved it."

Joy, Cowboy Blend

"This candle smells amazing. Everything from Tallgrass thus far is incredible. I love the way the product looks, the scent and the ambience it creates after a hard day of work. Amazing products, will definitely be purchasing again. I recommend."

Izzie, Lake Murray