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Tallgrass Supply was just an idea I had to showcase some of the stories about growing up in my home state that I hadn't seen yet. There were plenty of apparel and designs highlighting our state animal and bird, funny sayings and state mottos, and everyone can relate to seeing a dozen pieces of sports team merchandise in every store. But, to me it seemed that the story that I related to the most was never even talked about.
Oklahoma to me was about exploring the Illinois River as kid on family canoeing trips, searching the shores for fossils and watching Alligator Gars soar beneath my paddle. Oklahoma was camping trips with friends to Robbers Cave and pretending we heard Sasquatch in the woods surrounding our fire. Oklahoma was bonfires where you would try to figure our your crush all night long, dirt roads to scratch up the paint on your very first car, and looking forward to the State Fair for spectacle, food, and entertainment. 
After seeing so many stories of good times with good friends by brands on both coasts - it seemed to me it was time to get the stories I could relate to out there. To start, I wanted to work with candles and test the idea out. I started with four fragrances, Wildfire, River Fork, Drover, and Talahina - each were layered with fragrance notes I hoped created a nostalgic journey back to casting lines with your friends, picking peaches with your family, learning lessons in your grandpas workshop and noticing prairies recovering on county roads after a fire swept through.
The stories of Okies were always the forefront of what got this thing going, but I also wanted to give back and share why prairies are so important not only for our state, but especially so for our planet. So for everything I sold, I have been putting 10% of the profits and sending a check to organizations that help Prairie Conservation and Research.
As Tallgrass grows I'm looking forward to using this as a platform to tell more stories about this state, its people, and its land.

There's plenty of trouble to get into, especially in what is often called a "flyover state". From bonfires to dips in the creek, heading to the lake or to the family property - you'll find Okies doing what we do best on any given weekend - cutting loose and making memories.

Work hard, play hard; well this state has a motto of "Labor Conquers All" so I'll let you finish out that comparison. From sticking your had into muddy waters looking for a catfish, getting on a bull trying to hit the eigh second mark, or just testing the limits of a new "toy" packed with horsepower - Oklahoma sets the standard in more ways than one.

Candles Inspired by Oklahoma



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