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While this corner of the country holds a special place in our heart, objectively there is so much to this area that is rarely given a fair shake.

Throughout its history, different cultures have come together to try and carve a life out on the plains. This brought a rich diversity of everything from food to art. And that diversity is even reflected in the landscapes as well.

While this region might not have the grandeur of scale as others, these states boast some of the most diverse ecosystems contained in one set of borders.

There's plenty to explore for those that will take the time to do so.

From spring evenings on the porch to summer afternoons cooling off with a rope swing, Flyover Country is full of memories with good people creating one-of-a-kind moments.

While traveling, we find more and more how rare it is to have these tight knit communities and adventures that feel perfectly unscripted.


As the brand grows, our plans are focused in on finding ways to tell more and more stories from Flyover Country. Be sure to check out Journal for some of our favorites so far.