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Oatmeal & Shae Butter Bar of Soap - Rodeo Queen: Bayberry + Tobacco

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We blended Bayberry + Tobacco in our Rodeo Queen fragrance imagining one big drag after a ride in front of the crowd, calming the nerves behind the arena. The smoke from the tobacco mixing with fragrances coming off the bouquet combines to create a bold fragrance as classic as annual town rodeos themselves.
Looking for a Bold, Rich fragrance? Try out Roughneck or Wildfire.
Made with Oatmeal and Shea Butter Soap and phthalate free fragrance oils.
Comes in a 5 oz bar of soap. Hand-Mixed and Poured in Oklahoma
Tallgrass Supply_ Oatmeal & Shae Butter Bar of Soap - Rodeo Queen: Bayberry + Tobacco.

Customer Reviews

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Jimena Robbins (Nashville, TN)
Favorite scent ever

I wish this scent came as perfume, I’ve never smelt anything like it. Very pleasant in a rugged way. Its long lasting after washing your hands with it, and if you scrub your body with it in the shower, your bathroom will still be smelling like the soap up to two days after. Amazing product, I need it in a lotion!! Perfect unisex smell.


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